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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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zbrierchlts good morning. it's:00 a.m. i'm eun yang. et i'm angie goff in for aaron. plenty to to this morning, but we want to start off with a wonderful forecast. for sure. so you are yourtraffic. chuck bell, it's been a hot couple of days, but i'll take it. >> beautiful day to be outside yesterday. let the dogs out. walk this morning about 1:40 a.m., and it was super comfortable outside for everybody. cooler than average. less humtd thanaverage. you can't complain about that. rain chances are back tomorrow, and enjoy.e if you l hot weather, it's oing to be sizzling hot by the weeken your tuesday morning, though, 54. up near columbia, maryland. 59win hester. 60 in gaithersburg. 61 in lorton and maryland.
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65 in fredericksburg. 87. cooler than average for today. a northwest breeze this morning. starts to turn back around to the south by later on in the day. that brings ihe h humidity and rain chances as we get into the second half of tomorrow melissa, that means you have to make the most of today. >> i will. don't you worry. i already have many my plans for today. all right. taking a look right now at traffic here this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the ltway, nice and clear. earlier road work has disappeared. that is good news here. for anybodyeaded out anyime soon. as we move to then america legion bridge, northbound-southbound. everybody is rolling along just fine here this morning. coming back out now, 66 and 95. no other delays. tiniest slowdowns. 95 northbound before wood bridge.
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>> melissa, thank you. time 5:02. today is primary day in maryland. the mva computer glitch isan woe riginally thought. >> we know that 80,000 voters -- justin finch joins usive from takoma park on how this is going to impact the election results. good mornin justin. >> angie, eun, good morning. t we know at the it will likely delay the official vote count until some4tme after the of july. these with pple who likely updated their -- after changing thedress. they did not make a purchase like an id on the m dot mva site or a self-service kiosk here.
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they will still be able to vote on primary day by using aov ional ballot at their polling place assigned by their current address. because those wl have to be counted and certified separately, that is going t likely delay our official vote count until after the holiday, the fourth of july. we're live from takom, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you. covered on as you this primary day from the governor's race, u.s. house, and senate and even crowded local races in montgomery and prince n george's es. all have you to do is log on to the website or open the app and search marylan primaries. look for results tonight on news 11:00. today the price of your next uber or lyft ride is in the hands of the d.c. council.
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they're building to -- the metro station has more on the proposal. adam, how much of an increase are we talking about here? >> we're talking about potentially 60% increase on an a trip or $1.20 o a $20 trip. that does add up. let me explain why this is actually happening. okay metro is getting dedicated money for the first time ever in our dygion. that means everyas to pay for it. well, in d.c. the mayor and the council have come up with a plan to raise the tax on ride sharing companies, likeber and lyft to help get money that would then go to metro. obviously ride-sharing companies are huge in our area.ou this wld increase the tax on ride sharing companies from 1% to 6%. ripa sharing comnies are now starting to push back.
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e mayor talked about it, and uber talked to him one-on-one about it. take a listen p to what they had to say. >> that is how we are supportinh metro needs and what the region needs. >> to the affect that the tax gets passed, it will be a part changeprice, and it will the price of uber. >> right ther uber's head saying if this tax does get approved, that cost will get passed on to customos. there's nther way about it. there will be a lot of. protes it's going to impact everything for people who pay metroop and who take uber. you should be ready either way to pay more. back to you. >> all right, adam tuss live for us in dupont. adam, thank you. 5:05. a new detail this morning about the 19-year-old cyclist who was hit and killed by the driver of a charter bus.
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police say that malik fell into the passenger side. they graduated last year, and played football there. d.c. department of transptation makes a ggestion that bicyclists avoid street car tracks by using parallel street the crash for now remains under investigation. the state's attorney office -- released body camera after the deadly nvpoliceolved shooting. they want to do this until the investigation ends. you mayemember this video from the sceneil inver spring earlier this month.ot the shog left robert white an unarmed african-american man dead.ce poli say white assaulted the officer and they have an agreement to inves other's police shootings. we are hearing from a
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teenage girl who says that a classmate sexually assaulted her. >> 14-year-old fran seska says the boy she didn't know attacked her in a park in winchesterro documents f juvenile court say that the boy was placed on probation for sexual btery and abduction. she was also ordered not to havt contact francesca. when she started johschanddy highol, she was shocked to run into her attacker. the family filed a title nine complaints, and lt night she confronted the winchester school board. >> because of your failure and your refusal to keep me safe, i walk through the halls of john hanley high school afraid to turn a corner, afraid to use the rest roomal afraid to from class to class. >> the school board will not comment on a specific utcase, says its pol oicyn sexual harassment complaints require a finding that the misconduct created a host he'ile environmea they say they do not tolerate harass am against student or
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staff. zpliefrmts prince william is in israel for a short visit. megan. in that's right. it isly happening. it's the firstri official btish royal visit to israel. prince william's high profile in the middle eastxp isected to stop at israel's official memorial to victims of the ho cau holocaust. israelis are celebrating the anniveary of the nation's independence and have been pleading with the british government to send a high ernking royal. their cries we answered, and the prince is expected to spend time in places like tel aviv and jerusalem in the west bank. he will also spendh time w jourdardanians and palestinians. >> megan, thank you. president trump is taking aim at virginia senator mark . warn this over comments about the ongoing russia probe.
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warner was with more than 100 guests, an during that evening warner said "if you give me one more glass of wine, i'll tellu tuff only bob mueller and i know. if you think you have seen anything now, buckle up. it's going to be a wild couple of months." well, the president fired back gn twitter last night suggest warner was in a drunken state and that he is one of the democrats on a witch hunt. senator warner called the remarks a b joke. >> the president was in west columbia for a campaign rally there pushing voters ahead to the polls and t primary there and to keep republican governor mcmaster in office. now, during his speech, the president focused on immigration and attacking the democrats. here we actually hear what's going on show.on the "today" >> also, we are hearing from the president in regar to harley
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davidson's decision to move some of the production overseas. the president tweeting he was "surprised" that harley davidson, of all companies, would the first to wave the white flag. harley davidson trying to sidestep newss tariffsd by the europe even union on american-made goods. this is all part of an ongoing trade battle between the trump administration and some of our ddrgest trade partners. it would costs of a motorcycle shipped to europe. it's now 5:10. the ongoincrisis at the border is expected to be on the tab this afternoon. president trump hosts gop lawmakers. the president is doubling down. some people were t crossin border illegally back without seeing a judge firsth call comes as house republicans try to work out a compromised immigrati bill. leaders say the president supports it, despite pleas last week urging the gop to stop wasting their time until after midterm elections.o
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>> talhe white house yesterday. they say the president is still 100% behind us. >> meantime, democrats want the president to appoint a tsar to reunite families separated at th border. at least 2,000 children remain in limbo. now, aug breakth for treating severe forms of epilepsy. the food and dg administration approved the first drug made from dmarijuana. g is called epidiolect. it's derived from cannabis, but is it does not contain thc, the ingredient that gives recreational users that ehigh. fda says yesterday's action is not an approval of overall marijuana use, even if it's otended to treater illnesses. next week, the district is sure to be packed with people celebrating the fournth of july. >> it is really special. metro is makinure that your family is aware of certain
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change metro will service will end two hours after fireworks. tro will be on a mostly holiday schedule and will open at 7:00 a.m. you can expect trains to arrive every eight to ten minutes after 6:00 in the evening. parking is free at all metro operated lots. a lot of the station near the mall, it'soing to be very crowded for the fourth of july. plan ahead. still ahead, a woman is denied a prescription by a pharmacist taking a stand. >> whathat medication was for and why it's all perfectly legal. >> plus, with he have new details with a security breach rightutside the c headquarters. chuck. >> good morning,everybody. 5:12 now on a tuesday morning. starting to think about the weekend already. friday, saturday, and sunday down at the beaches. it's going to be hot, hazy, and humid. if you think upper 80s is uot, wail you see our forecast for the weekend. it's going to make that look positively comfy. water temperature now 73 water temperature now 73
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christmas eve, my dad had no healthcare. ro walked into an emergenc clenching his chest, and they sent him home. he died alone on a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your aife is just a paycheck insurance company. it's time to end the american nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm roger manno. i'm running for congress to expand medicare to every american. i approve this message.
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new details about a security breach outside of the cia. the news 4 i-teeports a judge ordered a man named dakota hayes to be jailed for an incident at an entrance gate to the virginia complex last thursday. cia police say hayes was throwing items over the gate and shaking the fence.ri when officers to stop him, he threat eped to pull a knife. according to court documents, hayes had two pocket knives and several empty liquor bottles in his car. he is charged with trespassing on federal grounds. hayes' lawyer declined a request for comment. thert supreme cends a right to refuse case between a wedding florist and a same b se
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coupk to the lower court for reconsideration. a washington state florist says her faith does not allow her to accept same sex marriage and she arguedra making a f arrangement for a gay couple's wedding violates her freedom of expression. local courts ruled in favor of that couple.he yesterday supreme court said the ruling needs to be reconsidered. the justices want the lower court to look at the case again in light of a recent ruecng. you'lll earlier this month the high court ruled in favor of a baker who died same -- or design denied service to a same sex couple who want aid cake. walgreens is investigating an incident after a woman went viral because she says she was denied service at a drugstore because the pharmacist's personal believes. nicole needs the prescription to end her pregnancy after her doctor -- the pharmacist refused to fill it. that's allowed under state law. he also forward the the prescription to another
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armacist to be filled, which is store policy. walgreens apologized to nicole for how the situation washa led. happening today president trump will postumously award a man with a medal of honor. garlan merl conor was a kentucky native ate is cre for sending critical information to allied forces. conor took part in ten army campaigns and was wounded seven times during 28 months of combat. with this award he will become the second mostrv decorated e member of world war ii. conor died in t 1998e age of 79. an american hero right there. >> yes. so, chuck -- >> yes. you are wondering why i didn't ar my blue dress, i'm guessing. ri yes. why didn't you us back in group text last night? come on. this is not planned, by the way.
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i got your words. >> the heat haze, and humidity of a washington summer are lurking in our future. for now your tuesday chmorning, k a look at this picture. where is tom kbh you need the t wogarine dream for a sky? that is a good-looking sky out ere this morning. even some extra beauty on the potomac this morning as it's reflecting theolor of the sky. wow. i just tweeted that out. if you didn't get a chance, if you are stuck in the bathroom, president bushing your outeeth, andare, like, i can't get to the tv to see the picture. go to check bel 4. high pressure will protect us for o moreday. low humidity, nice and dry. no worries for your tuesday. rained out across southern virginia. we'll stay in sthernvirginia. for us northern virginia, northern maryland all going toob on the dry side today. future weather does hint that there might be a stray little sprinkle or shower along the
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western shofr re of the bay. there could be lonesome showers. if youive that way or travel that direction, that's maybe more of a concern. now, tomorrow morning, no pretty sunrise tomorrow, i don't think. it's going to be a much grayer sky, and a chance for a few showers around early tomorrow, but i think most of our rain chances tomorrow ce a little ter on in the day. maybe even some rumbles of thunder as well late tomorrow evening. most likely time to get rain will be prosecute from about sundown tomorrow to sun up on thursday morning. your tuesday, though, starts out th 50s and 60s. very nice. unusually cool to be down below 60 at the end of june. your good morning forecast then, temperatures up into the low 70 ds by 9:00 in the morning. there's your extended forecast. 83today. that is 4 degrees cooler than average. tomorrow more clouds, more humidity, and an increasing chance for rain. rain coming to an end early d thursday, hen once we get the sun back, friday and saturday, whoa rs that is uy
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hot. 93 friday. 96 on saturday. melissa, i may be moving in to ur pool. >> if i had one, you would be welcome. by the way, i loed, and tom is the grand canyon, if you are wondering. yes, he was at the grand canyon this weekend. eastbound 198 near 95. shicle fire there. we'reing some slowdowns there this morning. 95. it was there a second agot 198 looking good northbound and southbound. inner loop and outer loop at the beltway, you can see we don't have any issues there this morning. you look at 66 and 95. a couple of slow spotsnd southbn 95 and virginia after wood bridge and then after qauntico. noajor problems there. the same situation looking good 'shere through prince geor county. eun. >> melissa, thank you. coming up, finding relief under ground. what is inside this local cave that some say will help you relax? plus, summer is here, and thousands of you are taking bike rides. we are working for you with details on the safest helmet out th please keep your shoes on!
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welcome back. 5:24. news for your health this morning. we all know that stress can play a big role in our overall health. it's because of so many reasons, right? >> you need to dore hes, like stress, right? did you know there's actually where you can go to a cave in maryland where people are going to seek relief and relaxation. ws 4 justin finch went there in bethesda and takes us nrsd. what's the overall goal of
5:25 am
this space? >> to feel zen. to feel relaxed. to just be in the moment. actually, in the present moment. >> reporter: although it's about the size of a large basemen a bethesda salt cave is far from your average downstairs space. herehe salt cave staff say thoef seen clients come in ailing and walk out feeling well >> they're coming in. they come in here, and they can finall breathe after 45 minutes satisfaction e session. they feel differently after they leave. >> from t wallsown to the floors, the roomer is coved in salt crystals, aarge small. >> also shoes off, deal. >> shoes have to be off. we want to maintain the prurt of the salt. who doesn't like the feel of salt onheir feet, right? >> and as for that low level light, it's for more sean just ing the mood. >> it helps remove positive ions in the air and turns them negative, which t negative ions are better for the body. >> it all works together for an experience that takes rvisitors away from the hustle and bustle going on outside.
5:26 am
>> commuting, working. dealing with sfres e stress. you come in here. 's quiet. >> justin finch, news good morning, everybody. 5:26 now on your tuesday. beautiful color in our sky here early this morning. shutter bugs, get on out there and take a picture of what you see outside your window and send it to me on my twitter handle at chuck. you can also find me on instram you should 4cast4u. >> i get it. >> yeah, it's going to be dry today. you can probably get your car washedp today. unfortunately, though, may want to have to put it in the garage for tomorrow. check of the rest of the day's forecast coming up. plus, a grocery store robbery. a woman's wallet stolen at a local whole foods. still ahead, a warning about the way she was targeted and tried by thieves. >> and a central virginia restaurant kicked sarah sanders now, a local eatery is feeling the backlash by reaction f the workers at the
5:27 am
wrong red hen. wrong red hen. that'still ahead. s
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zplierchlt a facility full of children separated from their families. the new video from inside the
5:30 am
center. hundreds of miles from the border they crossed. >> plus, problems growing ahead of maryland's primary. the polls open in hours, but thousands of voters may have trouble when they get there. what you should know. and the d.c. man ming music on the national stage. once you hear his story, you'll want to see his total performance tonight. >> take a look outside withz start your tuesday wrshs isn't this gorgeous? the sunrise in the making and the horizo just beautiful. good news as you get ready for your tuesday. out therety isn't bad at all. >> how about that? good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'mie goff in for aaronth morning.
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>> chuck has been talking about how we need to ep joy this for today. melissa standing by with our traffic as well. >> chuck, how long can they enjoy this warmth. at least one day, right?r that's bet than nothing. >> well, you got to enjoy it yesterday, and you get to -- that's two days. that's two. it was like a two-fer already. the heat, haze, and humidity of a washington summer will be back in place by the weekend. tuesdaou it's getting off to a simply gorgeous start outside. sun is not up until 5:47 this morning. another 15 or 16 minutes. down below 70 degrees at national airport. always a treat in june, july, and august to be that cool. 59 now in winchester. 59 in fairmount, maryland. way out western maryland. oakland out by deep creek late. even annapolis by the bay down below 70 this morning. as you are planning ou tuesday, a mix of clouds and
5:32 am
sunshine in the comfy zone. perfect weather for spending quality time out in the backyard. except maybe those danger -- >> you know what, they're bad in my yard too. they are bad in my yard too. i believe it. eastboun 198 near 95, still has a report of that vehicle fire there in laure trying to get more information on that. it doesn't look as bad as far as slowdowns as a couple of minutes ago, but do have that report there this morning. flo problems either correction. take a look at 270 from 720 down to the spur, your ontime here going to take you 31 minutes, if you are going 58 miles per hour. if you are n headedthbound we're seeing a tiny slowdown and that's anything to worry about. inner loop and outer loop at the beltway, you can see just finer here this ing. eun. >> all right, melia.
5:33 am
thanks somuch. your time is 5:32. today maryland voters will head to the polls for the primarynd nrking for you this morning with everything yd to know before heading out. polls open at 7:00 a.m. hours. a f as we head into primary day, we're learning that 80,000 voters aren't properly registered. this is all due to that computer glitch that weiscovered last from. news 4 justin finch live in tako park with how on how this will impact election results. justin, good morning. >> eun, angie, go am. governor hogan is calling thisp dint willing, and we know at this time this will postpone the official primaryay resul until sometime after the fourth of july. here's a breakdown now of how all of this has happened. western voters that upde their administration after changing their address with the motor vehicle association, but did not make a purchase like an id on
5:34 am
thm dot mva on-line site or a self-service kiosk. right now we have aleast 80,000 people at capacity arena size crowd improperly registered between april 22nd, 2017, and june 5th of this year. today those voters are being directed to use provisional baots. >> absentee and provisional ballots are counted in the weeks following, and so we will do a certification and an audit process and hope to have final results by the 7th or 8th of july. >> as you heard, a process to t counse provisional ballots, which is why the official results are going to bit delayed here. however, the votes now will include those who vote today as well as early voters. th polls open at 7:00 a.m. at that sametime. the stoard of elections will open up their hotline to help those who have questions about voting -- skbro thank you.
5:35 am
it's5:34. heart breaking new video in them ongoingration crisis this morning. in it the little girl tells the worker she came to.she with her 10-year-old sister and wants to talk to herot herit's wothom c slehear how ol is in the video. nbc news reports that the children only spendt dayse center and spend nights in foster homes. cthousands ofldren are still being held in similar facilities across the country. more on efforts to reunite those families coming up at 5:45. it's now 5:35. here are other stories making headlines this morning. today a vote by the d.c. council could affect the price of your e next u or lyft ride. councilmembers will vote on a proposal to raise the ride sre
5:36 am
from 1% to 6%. that helping d.c. pay for metro. uber and lyft worry it could drive custors away. zplienchs prince george's county poli are investigating a deadly crash. you are looking at a sne in clinton at the intersection of v windale police say a motorcyclist was hit and killed by a driver just beforegh 10:00 last we're going to update you as we learn more. we have a preview of night's episode of america's got talent. >> the auditions continue tonight and an electric violinist from d.c. is set to wow the judges. sfloirchlts three years ago he was diagnosed with a serious nerve disease. it takes away the feesng from ands and his feet. ess will y that num spread throughout his entire body, but despite that prognosis
5:37 am
he says he ctinues to play. >> look out for him, right? y >> he is - have to follow him. follow him on twitter and root for him. >> it's 5:37 still ahead, a woman's wallet stolen while shopping at whole foods. the simple way thieves tricked her tt you sho
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temperatures continue to go up. peopleake advantage of the outdoors. especially on a day like this. for some that may mean ditching four wheor two. new this morning, new safety tests revealed some bike helmets protect heads better thanrs ot consumer reporter susan hogan shows us the helmets that are ahead of the pack. >> not all were providing
5:41 am
equally good protection against concussion type esjuries. the were designed to replicate real world bike crashes, spelly focussing on the angles where a bicyclist's head is likely to strike pavement. this new rating program by the insurance institute for highway safety and virginia tech tested 30 adult sized helmets. four helmets received five stars. >> it's a technology inside a helmet that reduces rotation of the head during impact. this reduces brain injury risk by minimizing the strains on the pain. >> helmet style also played a performance in the road helmets that are elongated and they rm tended to per better than urban helmet that is have a more rounded shap cost was not factor in how well a helmet performed.
5:42 am
we have got a lk to the full testing results for you on nbc washingtonian. just search bike helmets. back to you. we'll clear it out on thursday. the heat and humidity of summertime will arrn friday. friday. i'll give you the
5:43 am
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christmas eve, my dad had no healthcare. he walked into an emerchncy room clenching hit, and they sent him home. he died al a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your life is just a paycheck to an insurance company. it's time to end the american nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm roger manno. i'm running for congress to expand medicare to every american. i appre this message.
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new video this morning from a tent city near el paso,texas, housing hundreds of migrant children. journalists were given a tour, cameras were not allowed inside. the department of health and human services released the video, and this morning they're still working to reuni thousands of children at facilities across the country with theirs. pare news 4's traisey potts is following the latest developments in the story. tracie, what are the biggest challenges here for bringing these families back together? >> well, the biggest challenge is trying to figure out who is where? the children were taken in one the parents or the adults with them were taken to another direction. they are all over the country. in some cases records were not
5:46 am
accurately kept. trying to figure out where these kids' parents are is the firsta nge to reuniting them. >> they suspend prosecutions of the adults coming in with children. what does that mean? >> what it doesn a mean is policy change. the trump administration has been backing off, but what they're saying is they're overloaded right now with cases, so adults that are coming in with children may edetained, but they may not quickly see a judge. they don't have enough. >>. >> thank you, tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thanks, tracie. well, t red hen restaurant in lexington, virginia, was thrust into the spotlight after the ownericked out white house press secretary sarah hucka bee sanders last week now that restaurant moves are affecting a local red hen mer in the district. the restaurant here is receiving
5:47 am
the chef and owner mike friedman says that if sarah sanders were to enter his restaurant, she would be treated like any other customer regdless of political affiliation. it is a wonderful restaurant and great owner, and i wish people would leave them alone. so unfair. an update on a story the news 4 i-team brought you about the licensed teachers in the d. public schools. one of every four of the district's teachers are unlicensed. now the d.c. council says iea will havengs about the issue when it r septemb september. the suts education department says it too has oversitef the d.c. teacher's licensing. a swoek s womans she has not spoken about the issue, but says the agency expects an update this year from d.c. officials about what they'reoing to
5:48 am
insure teachers are licensed. d.c. officialsy ay tve already made plans to tighten up requirements. the d.c. office is now monitoring the problem as well. raise your hand if you tak icer or lyft or some kind of ride sharing se it's probably a lot of us, it radio, in d.c. if the d.c. cncil aprooufds a tax hike today, that extra money would go to metro, but that would mean more money out of your pocket. news 4 adam tuss is live outside of the dupont metro station. this is a super controversial issue in the district. it's leegt up social media, and this is guys. take a look. we're talking about uber and lyft in the dwrkt, which are wildly popular and the city is
5:49 am
saying that because it needs to find a way for dedicated money for metro now, it's going to raise the tax on those ride es sharing compa from 1% to 6%. that is the vote that is up for debate today, and the ride sharing companies are pushing back. they are calling it unfair. they are calling it unjust. meantime, d.c. mayor muriel bowser and weighing in and oober'sweceo. talked with him one-on-one ab>>t it. hat is how we are supporting what metro needs and what the region needs. >> it will increase the price of uber. look for uber and lyt trip to start going up. that money then goes to metro to help pay for dedicated funding. remember, our region just signed
5:50 am
a first of its kind agreement where d.c., maryland, and virginia are all now going to provide dedicated funding for metro. in the district that likely means your uber and lyft trip is going up in guys, back to you. >> all right. not a lot of people happy about thss one. adam ive for us in dupont. thank you. it's 5:50. a warning now befor trip to the grocery store. thieves are distracting shoppers to steal their wall lets. m recently a and a woman used an unusual tactic to scam a woman at a whole foods i rockville. they distrac qd herstions and grabbed her wallet right out of her purse sitting in her carw police n searching through surveillance video trying to identify the thieves. okay, now an update on a poisonous plant that was found in a local yard. we told yt l week the hoggweed plant was in
5:51 am
alexandria. the it is right there. scientists tell us there's no evidence that the weed is actually spreading. if it gets into your eyes, it can cau third grow burns and blindness. you definitely want to be caful. the flowers look pretty. n ann'sst looks like qu lace really pretty. you might mistakenly consult that and then now you're going to be all messed up. >> the burns could leave hogwarts on your hands. >> you keep trying to -- >> this joke is played t. i'm sorry. >> what? people at home didn't hear it an hour ago. >> oh, that's right. that's right. >> only so much material that i can make up on ay. tues >> are you saying they have -- >> well,. i don't kn 5:45 thdo morning. no until 8:37 this
5:52 am
evening. 8:37 is our latest sunt of the year, and we get to keep it a couple more days. you probably haven't noticed ith yet. days are actually already getting shorter. we're almost 60 seconds less daylight today than we were a week ago on the solstice. if you think we've been stuck in the raininess for a while, you are correct. april, we were half an inch above average inrainfall. may with nearly nine inches of rain was almost fe inches above average in rainfall, and now here in the month of june, we're more than i twohes above in rainfall. it has been a around here.d good news is they busted the drought that we had from late summer through the wintertime. that's no longer ananissue. today's rain chances will be bottled up well down to our south. if you are driving from roanoke to danville, down towards south hill, virginia, may run into raindrops there, but around heri toda will be dry.
5:53 am
>> could have a few showers around early. hit and miss rai during the ddle of the day, and a chance for heavier rain are thunderstorms coming in late tomorrnight. we'll be keeping you posted on that. here's your ten-day forecast.n once the r moves out, the heat and humidity moves in. 93 friday. 96 saturday. 97 sunday. the early look at the fourth of july, fortunately, looks like it will be just a smidge cooler, and as of now the 4th appears to be dry.>> chopper 4 here over the problem this morning in college park. this is route 1 here northbound this morning. right now we have that crash, and just a l btle of the slowdown as you head northbound. now, laurel eastbound is ea98 19 -- or i-95, i should say. vehicle fire was reported there. is now out of the way.
5:54 am
that's good. taking a look elsewhere. 95 here at lorton getting slows in tain lanes as you are headed inbound. inner loop and outer loop at the way, no major delays there. travel times, 2 p 0 looking good. top of the beltway, no problem there. 66 looks good, and i-94, as just saw, a little slow. qauntico to the beltway. remember to listen to wtop103.5 fm when you hop in your car.e. an >> thanks. they'll be driving up and down the beltway on back roadsm this . we are talking about your teenager. >> be careful on the roads. some of these are new drivers. fore they head outhe door, they have to get cer they're certain to have their smartphones in hand. there are so many distractions out there. news 4's molette green is showing them how their favorite cause them major problems on the roads. these are important reminders before they hit the road this summer. very importan we're at the at&t in chinatown, and i want customers to take the
5:55 am
pledge to never drive distracted. here's what they're doing. when you come into this store, you can test out the it can wait virtual experience tt gives young drivers a simulated xperience of what it's like to actually drive distracted. that's what's going on here. we're going to talk about that message throughout the 6:00 a.m. hour of news 4 today. stay right here. >> all right, molette, thank you. there are local fierce competitors on american ninja warri warrior. my kids love this show. >> because these people are amazing. >> ridiculous. >> four local athletes and last night's philadelphia city qualifier. take a look. >> having a blast until she got hung up on the broken bridge. oh, no. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. uh-oh. candace, you see there from baltimore. mike bernardo livesn d.c. he works for the fire department.
5:56 am
he has been on the show before. also a university of maryland cheerleader, and gavin ross from bethesda. he was shown falling, but on his instagram he shared that he is one of the competitors who will be moving forward advancing to another episode in las hvegas. we w all our locals good luck. >> 5:56. coming up next, providary day in maryland marked by a computer glitch impacting ,0 voters. what we know is being done to make sure your ballot counts. and fighting back. a localirl takes action against her school district. she says the schoolt board is no doing enough to protect her after s said a boy attacked her. the details when "news 4 today" continues.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
just about 6:00 a.m. on this betiful tuesday morning. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. plenty to cover for you this morning. we want to kickhings off with a look at the forecast and your commute. orm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's been hot for the last couple of days, but this low humidity makes it so nice to be >> ye .tside. the way they framed up the camera shot there, you two are positively glowing trning with the sunrise between you. i know. it's that -- that is a true statement right there.ey ave a great way to get your tuesday going. 63 now in dulles. 62 in manass f. 59 now haagerstown, fairmount and winchester.
6:00 am
60 in gaithersburg, which was below 60 degrees. mid0s from ellicot city. nice andcomfy. good morning, everybody. if only the whole summer could look and feel this nice. temperatures will climb into the low 70s by 9:00. by later on in the day, our high temperature 83 degrees. a light north breeze this turns back around to the south later on today. that spells more heat, hayes, humidity, and rain chances coming back as early as tomorrow. i'll show you future weather coming up in a few. for now let's go over to melissa who is also glowing this morning. >> oh, of course, i am. of course. i don't have that beautiful sunrise behind me. college park at the beltway. we have that crash on the right side ofhe roadway. just the tiniest slowdown as you are headed northbound. beltway is looking goodere right now. no big complaints about the beltway. inner loop and outer lo, no road work and no issues. let's keep our ficks crossed. 66 is fine.


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